Why Howard Solutions

Whether you are looking for custom FileMaker® Pro database solutions, training or technical help with your technology, general IT Consulting, or creative web or graphic design work, Howard Solutions excels at providing all of these services and more.

Hello, my name is Jesse Howard, I am a Certified Trainer in FileMaker Pro, Mac, iPhone, iPad and more. I have nearly a decade of hands-on, expertise on teaching, troubleshooting, and recommending technology and software.

Howard Solutions will provide you with efficient access to your companies most important data. This valuable information will provide you with the insight required for strategic planning and better decision making.

If you are struggling with your technology, or if your current business processes appear to result in too much waste and errors, schedule a free consultation with me and I will provide you with strategies and skills to better leverage your technology, decrease wasted time, and increase your productivity and effectiveness.